Course Description

Walking in the mountains is a healthy activity full of joy and hapiness.
Apart from mountain hiking on marked nature trails there are many other activities that you can enjoy in the mountains such as climbing (rock, ice and mixed terrain), ski mountaineering (skimo), glacier crossing, wild camping, high altitude trekking and more.

The more one does in the mountains the more is being accomplished as a mountaineer and the more intense the feelings are.

The established One Step Further Winter mountaineering and Skimo course is for all mountain lovers over the age of 18 with good physical condition and aims to introduce participants to classic mountaineering specialized safety techniques & equipment, basic movement skills in a winter mountainous terrain and take a taste from ski mountaineering.

Prior winter mountain experience is not required. Participants must be able to ski downhill at an average level so that they can be introduced to ski mountaineering techniques. For the ones that don’t know how to ski it is recommended they introduce theirselves to skiing beforehand.

By the term winter mountain we mean a snowy mountainous terrain with steep snowy slopes including ice and rock.
By the end of the course, participants will be able to participate in winter mountaineering excursions with other mountaineers who have at least the same knowledge. One can’t become an experienced and accomplished mountaineer in five days but it’s a good start. Welcome to the big mountaineering family.

Recommended gear:

Participants must have their own personal gear, apparel and winter mountaineering stiff boots.

Ice axe, crampons, helmet, skis & ski boots can be rented.

A complete and analytical equipment list stating all the details, as well as a discount voucher from Get Out Outdoor Store will be sent right after the participation confirmation.

Practical lessons:

  • Classic mountaineering techniques
  • Traveling in winter mountainous terrain with crampons and ice axe
  • Self arrest techniques
  • Rope work and knots
  • Belaying techniques
  • Belay points in the snow: dead man, shovel etc
  • Living in the winter mountains & snow hole construction

Theoretical lessons included:

  • History of mountaineering
  • Mountain hazard management (avalanches & forecast, hypothermia & frostbite,
    altitude sickness, landslide)
  • Orientation with a map and a compass
  • Nutrition and training
  • Meteorology
  • First Aid
  • Selection, use and maintenance of mountaineering equipment
  • Life in the winter mountain

How to reserve

If you wish to join the team, book your trip today or contact us for more details.

Next scheduled trip:

24-28 February 2023

Trip Duration:

4 nights/ 5 days

Price includes:

  • One Step Further qualified professional mountaineering & ski instructors
  • Team equipment 
  • Organization, coordination and conduct of the course
  • Four overnight stays in a nice mountain refuge

Price does not include:

  • Airfare tickets
  • Transport to and from location (approx. €60 per person for car rental and fuel from and to Athens airport)
  • Personal equipment
  • Equipment rentals (approx. €40)
  • Meals (approx. €20 per day)
  • Travel insurance & rescue cost
  • Other personal expenses (drinks etc)